About Us




Sai comes with a long track record of Research Analytics and Informatics expertise. He was part of the National award-winning team for his earlier work on Data Analytics and Integrated Analytics Data Sharing portal while working with MGH, Harvard. He has published many research articles and abstracts in prominent scientific journals for more than 15 years. Sai’s core competencies include Data Analytics, ML, AI and Software Development. As CEO, Sai brings the culture of innovation, novel thinking and curiosity in every client partnership. He is passionate about many diverse topics from food, cultural diversity, mindfulness and spirituality.



Narain is a Technology Leader with over 15 years performing various leadership roles for Global Technology Services Provider, Microsoft and Accenture. He successfully led the firm’s largest client accounts for many years helping them achieve significant revenue growth in his illustrious tenure with them. He led initiatives across Analytics, BigData, Robotics and Business Operations. Narain possesses a unique combination of experience across Product development and Data Analytics. He often volunteers his time and energy to supporting startups and is an avid traveler.

At Cloud Analytics, we provide optimized IT and Analytics solutions to improve clients’ return on investment (ROI).

We help our clients overcome the challenges posed by constant advances in technology, heightened regulations, and demands for greater transparency by providing high-quality enterprise solutions. We encourage a culture of excellence in every project promoting a strong sense of relationship with our clients. Our experienced team works with a vision to enable our clients with solutions that lead better processes and better decision making.

Our Values



We, at Cloud Analytics, believe in proactively taking initiatives and going the extra mile for our clients this, in turn, is reflected in the quality of our work.


The people working with us believe in the accuracy, timely delivery and disclosure of information and insights for collaborative decision making.


Cloud Analytics employs the best minds in the industry with a passion to take on challenges. The people working with us bring the right mix of industry experience and innovation to help our clients identify effective and efficient solutions for complex business challenges


While each of us individually may not have the answer in its entirety, our employees put their minds together to overcome the challenges associated to deliver a complete solution to our stakeholders.


Our reliability is the metric on which our performance can be evaluated. Our commitment to deliver the solutions on-time has helped us ensure that we remain the best possible choice for our customers.


Cloud Analytics has created a niche for ourselves by constantly challenging the status quo with our unconventional thought processes.