As organizations are planning to reopen workplace, safety leaders are looking for innovative ways to maintain workplace safety.

Cloud Analytics has built an app with the goal of business continuity maintaining safety of most import assests: Your Employees. Making informed decisions leveraging on data is more crucial during these uncertain times. We are committed to helping any organizations stay connected, productive, and safe under these circumstances. The process requires organizations to be pre-planned, informed, agile, and proactive. As a result, organizations will need to maximize technological resources by quickly making data-driven decisions when it matters most to maintain safe work environments. Safe2Work can equip managers and executive leaders to make real-time decisions to reopen locations to their workforce safely by adapting business workflows and processes to changing needs.

Pro Management Tools

Our Safe2Work to Work app improves compliance, leaders can better manage employee safety and improve overall operational efficiency. Powercenter dashboards provide real-time insights for better decision making. Automatic alerts help with notifications when employee fails screening and allows managers to send instant notifications to team improving employee safety.